Maximize Your Home’s Sale Price

Tips To Maximize the Sale Price of Your Home

Maximize your home’s sale price even in a cooling market. How can you get the most money for your home in today’s market? 💰 We’ve all seen homes sell for eye-popping amounts over the past few years. But the market is adjusting to higher mortgage rates, and buyer demand is cooling along with it. Thinking about listing your home? Don’t worry—a great offer and handsome profit is still within reach… if you follow our 7 tips to maximize the sale price of your home.

7 Costly Home Selling Mistakes

Avoid The 7 Costly Home Selling Mistakes

Avoid the 7 costly mistakes home sellers make, which can cause anxiety, cost you time, and shrink your bottom line. Selling your home can be an emotional process, we get it.

However, our job is to do more than empathize. We’re here to help prevent those emotions from getting in the way of your successful home sale.

In this blog post, we cover this and other mistakes we often see sellers make, including:

● Setting an unrealistic list price
● Trying to “time the market”
● Evaluating offers on price alone

Fortunately, we can help you avert all these common missteps that can cause you stress and cost you time and money.

Downsizing Your Home: 5 Step Strategy

Find Your Dream Home

If you’ve been thinking about downsizing your home, here’s a 5-step strategy to get you started in determining your goals and needs, finding your dream home, selling your current home, packing up your home and moving. Low interest rates make it a great time to sell your home and find a new, smaller home.

Giving Buyers a Grand Entrance

Giving buyers a grand entrance to your home is key to getting your home sold. Buyers start making up their minds about your home in the first 30 seconds as they walk up to your front door and the next 30 seconds after they walk through your door. And it’s very hard to make a second good first impression.