Real Estate In 2022 — A Return To “Normal?”

A return to normal for real estate markets in 2022

Real Estate In 2022: We’re looking forward to another exciting year in the real estate industry. But could it possibly top the drama of 2021? Or will real estate in 2022 be a return to “normal?”

We share market predictions from some of the leading economists and analysts in the industry. From mortgage rates to home prices to bidding wars, find out what’s ahead for real estate this year.

20 Unique Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

20 Holiday Gifts For Everyone On Your List

As real estate agents, we consider ourselves masters of real estate matchmaking. We love helping our clients find and purchase their dream homes.

So it’s only natural that we put our matchmaking skills to use for this year’s holiday gift guide. In this list, we’ve matched a variety of personality types with fun and useful gifts for their homes.

We hope our list provides some inspiration for your holiday shopping—and ultimately brings cheer to ones you love most.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season and a joyous new year!

Buying And Selling A Home At The Same Time

9 Tips To Buying & Selling A Home At The Same Time

A hot real estate market like the one we’re in now gives you the chance to cash in on some serious equity from your home sale. It can also make buying your next home a bit of a juggling act.🤹 The logistics of buying or selling a home are complicated enough. But they become doubly so when you try to do them simultaneously.

So let us give you a hand! 👋 Check out our tips on how to buy and sell your home at the same time.

Where Is The Real Estate Market Headed: 5 Factors

Where Is The Real Estate Market Headed

Nationwide, it’s been an unusually hot summer—and we’re not just talking about the weather.

Home prices have been driven to an all-time high as buyers compete for limited inventory. And building material costs have skyrocketed amid a shortage of labor and materials.

But will the temperature keep rising? Or is the real estate market poised for a cool down?

Bridging The Appraisal Gap In A Hot Real Estate Market

Bridging The Appraisal Gap In A Hot Real Estate Market

You may have heard that there’s a shortage of available homes on the market. And it’s sparked bidding wars amongst eager (and sometimes desperate) buyers who are just looking for a place to live. This is causing homes to sell at record highs.

Then it happens… the home appraisal comes in LOW 📉😱!

With how quickly homes have been appreciating, comparable sales, which are typically used for appraisals, can be lagging, causing what we call an “appraisal gap.”

Finding a New Home for Your Next Stage of Life

Buying A Home For Each Stage Of Your Life

It’s been said that the only constant in life is change. As real estate professionals, we see evidence of that every day.

A couple’s first home is suddenly too small to accommodate their expanding family. As their children grow, they need a bigger backyard or more bedrooms. And when their kids move away, that big house can sometimes feel like a burden rather than a necessity.

If you’re about to embark on a new stage of life (or maybe it’s already arrived), it’s probably time to reevaluate your housing needs.

Real Estate News You Can Use: July 2020 Newsletter

real estate news you can use from great homes in charlotte

Real estate news you can really use. July 2020 Newsletter with eight timely articles about the housing market and advice for home owners, home sellers, home buyers. This month’s newsletter focuses on information and the outlook for the housing recovery post-pandemic. See what the experts are predicting for an economic recovery in 2020.

Charlotte Region 2019 Housing Market Quick Facts

Charlotte region remained a seller’s market in 2019. Low inventory, fewer new listings, lower days on market all resulted in higher home sale prices and a lower affordability index. With a strong economy and low interest rates, demand for homes continues to outpace availability of homes for sale.