Back To School In Charlotte: Drive Safely

Keep Charlotte kids safe. Drive safely in school zones.

Back to school in Charlotte: drive safely. Don’t speed. Charlotte schools are back in session for the 2022/23 school year on Monday, August 29th. Driving safely and not speeding will keep our children safe. But it will also save you a lot of money in penalties if you are stopped for speeding. Find out just how much.

20 Best Public High Schools In Charlotte Region For 2021

Greater Charlotte To 20 Public High Schools 2021

The top 20 ranked public high schools in the Charlotte region for 2021, as ranked by Excellent schools are a major determinant of home values in the Charlotte area and demand for homes in certain neighborhoods. As in prior years, Charlotte, Union County, and York County had the lion’s share of top rated schools. (View the video below for the rankings from 1 to 20 and for each school’s grades.)