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Nina Hollander, Charlotte Realtor serving Charlotte area home buyers and sellers for 30+ years.

I understand. Like you, I’ve been through the uncertainties of a real estate transaction, both in the United States and abroad. Like youI understand that buying or selling a home is an emotional time for the entire family… and even more so if combined with a relocation to a new area. Like you, I’ve known the excitement and the stress that comes with buying or building a new home. I understand first-hand, what’s involved in bringing it all together successfully. And I understand that buying or selling a home is always a uniquely personal experience!

After more than 25 years in the profession, I’ve experienced virtually every type of transaction and understand how to bring buyers and sellers together with successful results. It’s not just the purchase or sale that’s important–it’s everyone involved feeling like a winner!

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Charlotte Region Housing Market Snapshot For December 2022

Charlotte Region Real Estate: December 2022

Charlotte Region real estate in December 2022 saw home sales drop 37.7% year-over-year, while home prices increased 7.3%, on average. Sales dropped for a 12th consecutive month due to higher home prices, increasing interest rates, and fewer new listings. Homes sold in 41 days, on average. The months supply of homes, while increasing, remained below…

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Search For Luxury Homes In Charlotte Region

Luxury Homes Market Charlotte Region: December 2022

Luxury homes market in Charlotte region saw closed and pending sales down year-over-year. However, closed sales were up month-over-month. Months supply of homes stood at 2.5 months in December and new listings were down significantly. List to sale price ratio continued to drop providing luxury home buyers an opportunity to negotiate on price.

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2023 Real Estate Market Outlook And What It Means For You

Real Estate Markets 2023: What’s Ahead

Real estate markets 2023: what's ahead in the new year? It’s been a wild few years in the real estate market. From price fluctuations to skyrocketing mortgage rates, there’s been plenty of drama to go around. But what will the year ahead hold? We share leading economists’ predictions for 2023. Find out where mortgage rates…

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Top 15 Ranked Private Schools In Greater Charlotte 2023

Top Private Schools Charlotte: 2023

Top private schools in Greater Charlotte for 2023 as ranked by Private school information for Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, Iredell, Gaston, York and Lancaster Counties. Get your free copy of Nina Hollander's Schools & Communities Guide for the Greater Charlotte region.

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Top 25 Public Elementary Schools Charlotte Region: 2023

Top Public Elementary Schools: Charlotte Region 2023

Top public elementary schools in the Charlotte region for 2023 as ranked by List of the 25 top-ranked elementary schools includes public elementary schools, charter elementary schools, magnet elementary schools. Search for Greater Charlotte region homes by elementary school at

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Top 20 Public Middle Schools In Greater Charlotte Region

Top Public Middle Schools: Charlotte Region 2023

Top public middle schools in the Charlotte region for 2023 as ranked by List of the 20 top-ranked middle schools includes public middle schools, charter middle schools, magnet middle schools. Search for Greater Charlotte region homes by middle school at

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Top 15 Ranked Public High Schools In Charlotte Region 2023

Top Public High Schools: Charlotte Region 2023

Top public high schools in the Charlotte region for 2023 as ranked by List of 15 high schools includes public high schools, charter high schools, magnet high schools. Search for Greater Charlotte region homes by high school at

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Tips To Maximize the Sale Price of Your Home

Maximize Your Home’s Sale Price

Maximize your home's sale price even in a cooling market. How can you get the most money for your home in today’s market? 💰 We’ve all seen homes sell for eye-popping amounts over the past few years. But the market is adjusting to higher mortgage rates, and buyer demand is cooling along with it. Thinking…

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Home Buyer & Seller Guides For Winter 2023.

Home Buying & Selling Guides Winter 2023

Home Buying and Selling Guides for Winter 2023 have arrived. Do you have questions about home prices, mortgage rates, or inflation in today’s housing market? Are you wondering how it impacts you when you buy or sell? Are you wondering if it's a good time to buy or sell a home? If you've been thinking…

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Charlotte Named A Top 50 Fun City In the USA

Charlotte, NC A Top 50 US City For Fun

Charlotte, NC is a Top-50 US city for fun according to a recent survey by WalletHub. Find out where you can get your fun in Charlotte and about the 9 benefits of having fun according to science.

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Buy A Home Now Or Keep Renting?

Buy Now Or Keep Renting?

Buy now or keep renting? Deciding whether to buy or rent a home right now isn’t easy. That’s because there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The best choice for you depends on factors ranging from your financial goals to your local market. There are five critical questions to ask yourself before buying a home.

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8 Strategies To Help You Lower Your Mortgage Rate

Lower Your Mortgage Rate

Lower your mortgage rate. Here are eight strategies to secure a lower mortgage rate. Mortgage rates have risen from their pandemic-era lows. That means getting the best rate possible is more important than ever. Even a slight difference can save you tens of thousands over the life of your loan. 💰

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Avoid The 7 Costly Home Selling Mistakes

7 Costly Home Selling Mistakes

Avoid the 7 costly mistakes home sellers make, which can cause anxiety, cost you time, and shrink your bottom line. Selling your home can be an emotional process, we get it. However, our job is to do more than empathize. We’re here to help prevent those emotions from getting in the way of your successful…

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Chrlotte A Top 10 Best Place To Live City

Charlotte Ranked A Top 10 Best Place To Live City

Moving up 14 places in the U.S. News & World Report's 2020-2021 Best Places To Live Survey, Charlotte, NC has moved into the Top 10 cities at #6 based on quality of life, job market, desirability, and overall value. Thinking of moving to the greater Charlotte region? Get your free relocation package.

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First Step To Buying A Home

The FIRST Step You Need To Take To Buy A Home

Are you planning on buying a home this year? Do you know the first step you need to take to show homeowners that you are serious about buying is that of getting pre-approved for a mortgage before you do anything else? Getting pre-approved is one of the very first critical steps that will show home…

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Tired of Renting?

Tired of Renting? Why You Should Be!

Are you tired of renting? Is 2019 finally the year you'll stop renting, buy your Charlotte area home and stop paying your landlord's mortgage instead of your own? Is it time to consider how much less expensive it might be to buy versus renting when you see how much of your income goes to rent…

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Real Estate Reality Shows…. Reality Or Myth?

Have you wondered if those home reality shows are for real? Is it as easy and quick  to buy and sell a home as they make it seem? The REALITY is that these shows perpetuate numerous myths about the real estate process that should scream BUYER/SELLER BEWARE!

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Thiinking of selling your home?

Why You Should Sell Your Home Now

If you've been thinking about selling your home, here's the #1 reason to sell your home NOW and not wait: Buyer demand continues to outstrip supply!

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Tips To Help You Be A Happy Homeowner

You're out searching for your dream home.... but how do you make sure that once you've found what you believe is your dream home that you'll be a happy homeowner after you've bought it? Most everyone is happy the day they close on their new home and move-in... but how do you make sure you…

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💡 Why Should I Hire a Buyer’s Agent?

Whether you're a first-time home buyer, a seasoned real estate investor, or somewhere in-between, there's a lot at stake when purchasing a property. Buying your new home likely to be the biggest investment you'll ever make - that means you can't afford to make any mistakes when looking at listings, negotiating a purchase offer, and…

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